How To Make Girls Want You

How To Make Girls Want You


♦There is any girl you have a crush on her ? And you wanna make her want you

♦Awesome in this article, I’m going to  teach you how to make girls want you. Stay tuned

♦This is going to be 5 part and we’re going to start off with the first part that is why she
doesn’t like you ?


Now i kow i can come off harsh sometimes but in order for you to learn you gotta get the basic facts.There are four reasons why she doesn’t like you. Now let’s go over those one by one in no particular order.

♦First you have no confidence : this is the number one thing that women are attracted
to if you don’t show confidence in the first two minutes of meeting her, then you have
a huge chance of blowing it, if you aren’t sure of yourself then she won’t be sure of
you, you can tweet that.

♦The second reason why se doesn’t like you is because you aren’t connecting with
her. Now sometimes this is out of your hands, but in the most cases you can control
this, so my advice to you is to be open-minded, open yourself up to her and don’t be

♦The third reason why she doesn’t like you is because, come on, let’s be honest. You
look like hell, you have no fashion sense, you aren’t put together and it’s possible
you even smell bad. Like really bad. Guys please remember the minimum amount of
shower per day is one.

♦The Last reason why she doesn’t like you is because you are not exciting. One thing
i talk about them how to avoid the friend zone is that you have to be adventurous,
take risks, be spontaneous, try new things and overall, be an interesting guy.

Those of the four reasons why she doesn’t like you. Now do you understand ? You must be the exception, you must stand out from all other men and once you change those four things, your results with women will dramatically change. I’ll give you more details on these in the next parts, stay tuned for the next part where we go even deper into how to make girls want you.

Now we are on part two of the series, How to make girls want you and we’re talking about confidence. What is confidence ? Why is it so attractive ? And how do you gain it ?

Well let me tell you, confidence is being sure of yourself and knowing that before you do something, you will succeed, it’s also the mindset that if for whatever reason you don’t succeed then you won’t let it bother you. A more precice way of putting it, is you don’t give a shit, get rejected by a girl ? I don’t give a shit. Akward silence in conversation ? I do not give a shit. Girl flakes on a date ? I don’t give a shit. Are you picking up what i’m throwing down ? So why are girls so attracted to confidence ?

Because a real man takes the world by the balls and doesn’t let anything get him doown. And women ? They melt in the arms of this man because he’s in control. Now confidence also comes with the concept called leading. The most attractive man takes control and he leads the women into an adventure of romance and ecstasy. Not a lot of man understand this concept, you have to make the first moves with her, you approch, you get her number, you call her, you make the plans, you pick her up, you go for the kiss? Leading, Boom. That’s confidence in all of it’s glory absorb it, feel it, eat it for breakfast.

So how do you gain confidence ?? Well it’s simple formula. I like to call it repeat, fail. If you wanna gain confidence and get better at something, then you must engage in it. Fail, repeat fail repeat fail until you succeed. Do you want to know the secret to succees ?? It’s persistence. The more you work at something, with in time you will succeed.

Now we are on part three of the series, How to make girls want you and we’re talking about making a deep connection. Let me show you the steps on exactly how to do it .

What am i talking about when i say a deep connection ? This means she feels connected to you on a level more than just knowing your name, she feels comfortable around you, she feels like she actually knows you and you would be suprised, you can make this happen in less than five minutes. First you have to show interest in the girl, she has to know that you care about getting to know her, talk about stuff that doesn’t usually come up in conversation. Why ?

Because it actually shows that you care about who they are and people enjoy discussing what’s important to them, not just the usual what do you do ? Where you from ? Instead, get them to talk about their passions as you share yours. Talk about the coolest things that you’ve both done this year and if you haven’t done anything cool then you better get on that. And no i’m not talking about building your world of warcraft clan.

Second let her get in touch with her feminine side, a women can get in touch with her feminine side when you embrace your masculinity. Confusing ? Let me explain, give her a genuine compliment on something she’s wearing, touch her in a sensual spot like a small of her back, you see this stuff will make her feel special one of a kind.

Number three, you have to know what you want, so what do you want ? Do you wanna date her ? Do you just wanna get laid ? Are you looking for a serious relationship ? It doesn’t matter what you looking for, just make sure you’re giving her those subtle clues on what you want and when she knows and you’re not playing any of those dumb games then she has easier time connecting with you because she knows what your intentions are and now is starting to make a solid connection.

Now we are on part four of the series, How to make girls want you, and we’re talking about physical appearance. If you want a girl to like you, then it’s imperative that you looked good.

Now don’t worry, you don’t have to be the hottest guy in the room but there are three super important ideas to remember when you’re trying to look sexy. And if you follow these proven tips, then you will be on your way to getting the girl.

First, let’s talk about facial hair and the hair on top of your head, now i really don’t wanna sound like your mom when i say shave off that beard, you look like you’re homeless, i’m sorry but she has a point, a long scraggly beard or a mustache that can’t even come in full should be shaved off. I mean there’s a reason why you see male models with the fresh, clean shaven face.

It makes you look younger and healthier, now i know what you’re thinking, I got this beard moustache combo that looks awesome and the chicks dig it, well that’s great but let me ask you a question, are the ladies just touching it and commenting on it or are you actually getting dates ?if it’s the former then you better think again.

Let’s move on to hairstyle, now i’m not gonna go ahead and tell you the number one hairstyle because there really is none. Every guy rocks long, short, straight, curly hair in their own way, just remember to keep it clean and from time to time change it up and see what works for you, and for the men out there who have no hair, maybe your balding all you’re receding, don’t fret just keep your haircut tight and short it’s always way less attractive to grow out the scraps.

Number two work on your style, fashion is always a difficult subject for men because, well they don’t know much about it, the biggest advice i can give you in this is to make sure that everything fits. the better it fits, the more attractive you’ll be.

And last, let’s talk about your body type. you don’t have to be completely ripped to get quality girls. But there are few things that you must make sure of, if you’re overweight start eating healthier and go to the gym. Not only you start to look good, but it’ll do wonders for your confidence, here’s a secret, it not about having the most perfect body in the world, it’s about being comfortable in the body that you were given but also appearing healthy and shape.

Now we are on the last part of the series, How to make girls want you and we gonna talk about the excitement factor. So what the hell is the excitement factor?

Well it’s pretty self-explanatory, you’ve got to be exciting, let’s go deeper. A girl doesn’t wanna a date a guy who is boring. So what’s boring ? You had no passions, you generally have a bad attitude, you’re not open-minded and you’re don’t want to try new things, you’re lazy, you’re not funny, i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard girls complain to me and say, “you know he had everything going for him but he was just so boring” I won’t let you be that guy and here’s how we’re gonna fix it.

Have something going for you more than your job, find new passions, hobbies, skills, chicks dig skills learn how to make a girl laugh, practice your timing and your delivery. I’m gonna give you a little homework, every week i want you to try one new thing, whether it be a piece of food, a new activity or even picking up a new book and last but certainly not least try and find the excitement in everyday things.

Live life with gusto and stay optimistic. Excitement and positive energy are contagious, so if you can maintain a confident outlook women will feel eager to be around you. Now don’t forget the exact opposite can be costly. If you have nothing going for you and a general, negative attitude toward life then women they’ll run for the hills. With all of this in mind let’s go ahead and sum up How to make girls want you.

♦Number one, stay confidence, be sure about yourself and have a little to no fear
when attacking your goals.

♦Number two, make a connection with her, this means she feels that she knows you
on a deeper level and she’s comfortable with you.

♦Number three, dress well and have style, and remember you don’t need a lot of
money for this. At least make sure everything fits.

♦Number four, have the excitement factor always have a positive outlook and have a
well-rounded lifestyle with multipe interests.


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